New Client Materials 

If you are a new client please download this short packet, print it, fill it out, and bring it to your first appointment. Additional paperwork will be provided for you at the office, but completing this packet beforehand will help our first visit be more efficient and ensure we can spend our time on the most important matters. 

Invisible Toolbox Materials

These printouts are meant to accompany my free eBook: The Invisible Toolbox: Coping Skills for Everyday Resilience

Invisible Toolbox: Coping Skills Checklist

Invisible Toolbox: Coping Plan

CBT Materials

This page makes my most frequently used CBT materials available for download.  They should be helpful to anyone familiar with CBT or who is working with a CBT therapist.  

Introduction to CBT Workbook

This short workbook provides an overview of CBT and instructions on how to distinguish between healhy


Thought Record 

This is the same sheet from the end of the Introduction Workbook.  It allows for three difficult moments to be described in detail. 

The Three Box Sheet 

The Three box sheet provides practice identifying Automatic Thoughts and writing a more helpful Alternative Thought.


Unhelpful Thinking Styles 

This is my take on the most important Unhelpful Thinking Styles presented on one summary page. 

The Four Box Sheet 

The Four Box sheet provides tips for disputing the Automatic Thoughts and creating an Alternative Thought that is more helpful. 

Beliefs and Rules Sheet 

The Beliefs and Rules Sheet assists in identifying the beliefs that underly your Automatic Thoughts.  From these you may be able to identify the Negative Core Belief.  

Core Beliefs Worksheet

The Core Beliefs sheet allows you to explore your core belief and what methods you may be using to compensate for it. 

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